About Us

The parents of the Little Flower Parish on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana invited the De La Salle Christian Brothers to start a school in Browning. They saw this as one way to develop their children’s dignity, talents, and learning abilities while awakening a vision of hope for the community.

Surrounded by spectacular country, Browning is the capital of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, home to 12,000 Blackfeet. Domination by western society tore traditional Blackfeet culture from its roots. It was replaced by a community that contains all of the problems characteristic of poverty: chronic unemployment, welfare dependency, poor housing, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and alcohol and drug addiction.

Browning is located in one of the poorest counties in the US, with per capita income on the reservation less than $12,000. There are few facilities for youth, and little opportunity for them to engage in positive social activities. The reservation has one of the highest high school dropout rates of the reservations in Montana. Nevertheless, the Blackfeet are determined to create a better future, one that marries the best of both worlds, a future that can recreate the prosperity and harmony of their community in days gone by.

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