Shawn Davis

Shawn Davis, a 2011 De La Salle Blackfeet graduate, was selected as the valedictorian of the Browning High School class of 2015. As the student speaker, Davis addressed the class during the June 7 graduation ceremony.

From the time he was a freshman, Davis knew he wanted to work hard to compete for this honor. “This opens opportunities to go to school anywhere I want,” Davis said. “It also improves my chances of getting scholarships.”

His message to his classmates focused on the reality that far greater things lie ahead of them. “Graduation is not the end,” he said, “only the beginning.”

When asked how his education at De La Salle Blackfeet School helped him achieve this goal, he said the small class size really helped prepare him to do well with the high school curriculum.Davis will study engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman beginning this fall.

Sadee Little Plume, a 2012 graduate of De La Salle Blackfeet School, was awarded a National Geographic Scholarship. On July 13, Little Plume will travel with students from all over the United States to Fiji to learn about the culture and do community service in villages throughout the islands.Sadee Little Plume

“I’m ecstatic and afraid all at the same time,” Little Plume said. “This will open my eyes to see a different culture and show me what it is like to be outside of the reservation.”

Little Plume feels really lucky to be fully funded for this experience and feels this will help her be ready to attend college away from home after she graduates from high school next year.

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