From the President

Welcome to the De La Salle Blackfeet School web site.  This Browning, Montana school, established in 2001 by the Midwest District of the Christian Brothers, stands alone in many regards. Uniquely among the Lasallian Schools, it serves a remote region on an Indian Reservation bordered by Canada to the north and Glacier National Park to the west. Furthermore, it is the only San Miguel school providing quality Catholic educational advantages to the economically disadvantaged in a rural setting.  To strengthen its Catholic identity, the school forges a supportive relationship with the Diocese of Helena along with the Christian Brothers. De La Salle Blackfeet has the privilege of being the only Catholic School on an Indian Reservation in this Western Montana diocese.

As a school surrounded by the above characteristics, De La Salle Blackfeet depends on the generosity of so many individuals. Since the beginning, the school has been heavily staffed by volunteers coming from virtually every region of the country as demonstrated by Jeb Myers. He was the first principal who served for five years with other members of his family. With a sprinkling of paid employees, the school staff has produced almost one hundred alumni. Nearly all have graduated from high school and many are continuing professional studies.

As is true of other San Miguel Schools, parents contribute toward their children’s education. Since seventy percent of our children are raised by adults other than their parents, it might be difficult to assume responsibility for our minimal tuition.  For those who cannot, we ask them to provide some form of service to the school. This collaborative effort is essential for the education of this Pikuni generation. (Pikuni is how the Blackfeet call themselves.)

Finally, we depend on people like you to provide the bulk of the financial obligations to operate this rare educational opportunity for the children entrusted to our care.  You, and the foundations that you represent or with whom you partner, have assured our success in the past and can continue to provide necessary support well into the future. Enjoy the information provided on this web site. I ask you to continue following your heart and give of your resources so that, together, we can prepare children for their future and ours.

Thank you,

Brother Dale J. Mooney



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