Principal Position


De La Salle Blackfeet School

Position: Principal

Date Posted: April 23, 2020


The principal of De La Salle Blackfeet School is an integral component of the administrative team. Said team’s membership is determined on an as-needed basis, but frequently will include the following: The President, Director of Development, IT Director, Bookkeeper and/or School Counselor. A collaborative environment is essential to provide a structure that has the support and compliance of the different entities in this De La Salle ministry.

The principal, along with the administrative team, provides the necessary leadership and direction for the school’s day to day operations. He/she is directly responsible to the President of the school. A primary task of this position is to provide staff with professional development that provides students with a challenging academic program in a nurturing environment. Among various duties, the principal oversees curriculum development, supervision of faculty, and the progress of the students.

As a Lasallian ministry, the principal will be expected to immerse himself/herself in the specific charism of the Institute and nurture the same in every element of the school. He/she will attend, where possible, the programs offered by the Lasallian Family to be fully prepared to put into practice Lasallian pedagogy, philosophy, and spirituality. Furthermore the principal will fully cooperate with various organizations that permit the holistic development of the Blackfeet children that God has entrusted to our care.


Among the responsibilities of this position includes the following, but the list is not all inclusive:


  • In coordination with President, interview and hire all staff
  • Supervise all academic classes offering support and encouragement to staff
  • Prepare formal teaching evaluations twice per year
  • Make daily “walk throughs” to capture spirit of classrooms
  • Collaborate with staff to establish and maintain curriculum
  • Lead school through Western Catholic Education Association’s accreditation process
  • Prepare and organize, with President, appropriate professional development
  • Supervise daily faculty PLC meetings along with staff input
  • Arrange and supervise prefecting before and after school and during lunch/recess
  • Prepare the different calendars for publication and distribution
  • Evaluate students’ tardy and absence records and attain parental support
  • Coordinate with School Counselor pertinent student and family issues
  • Cooperate with Athletic Director on all major sporting events
  • Provide leadership in the numerous after school programs
  • Continuously evaluate established ELCs


  • Coordinate and review student advancement: progress reports, report cards, academic awards, Standardized Testing Results (NWEA), Title I needs
  • Plan parental meetings with a staff member when deemed helpful
  • Receive and facilitate parental concerns where warranted
  • Administer with IT Director all Standardized Testing
  • Facilitate meetings for corrective behavior
  • Interview all new candidates for school admission
  • Provide guidance for Title I tutors based on proficiency

Professional Organizations:

  • Maintain close relations with Lasallian Mission Director of the Midwest District
  • Develop good relations with Superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools
  • Provide close communications with local pastor
  • Evaluate professional development offered by NWEA and Golden Triangle
  • Be an active member with other principals of the Montana Catholic Schools
  • Provide timely responses to local public school’s administration’s requests
  • Be attentive to NCEA and CARA requests
  • Actively participate in American Indians Catholic Schools Network and their fiscal agent: Notre Dame’s ACE program director